Itelcond, we manufactor electrolytic capacitors since 1976

ITELCOND is an historical Italian company that produces high capacitance aluminium electrolytic capacitors for demanding applications, since 1976.

During our first 40 years, we have spent a lot of energy to product reliability with our network of partners and the support of worldwide universities. Our production is constantly evolving with the most up-to-date automation for the production of increasingly reliable capacitors.

These updates make it possible to adapt to the most advanced international standards for productivity and quality. Therefore, we offer our customers the opportunity to collaborate with a company that produces exclusively in Italy, leader in its field, with standard products, but increasingly customized to the customer.

Our expertise can help our Customers on 105°C products with very good lifetime characteristics, while the majority of products rated 85°C have the excellence of non-flammability, which is an important feature for some world markets. All our products refer to international standards: CECC, DIN, IEC. We are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.

Catalog electrolytic capacitors

Our products range from custom assembly to large screw terminal capacitor to the small PCB, always in the professional field.

Custom electrolytic capacitors

With over 40% of custom design, we can surely state our screw terminal and snap-in capacitors are remarkably customisable.

Bus bars and assemblies

We design our bus-bars, we assemble and test them. We add capacitors, either aluminium electrolytic or other types, we test the assembly then we ship it ready to use.

Energy storage

Our energy storage systems are designed inside our company, where they are also produced and tested.

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